Why you need to learn to speak Hungarian language

Hungary is a land locked state and is located in central Europe. About 98 % of its population speaks Hungarian language. The language of Hungary is one of the national symbols of state. They obviously do not need to learn to speak Hungarian language as it is as natural to them as is their blood or bones. However if you are a foreigner you may need to learn to speak Hungarian language. Your presence in Hungary could be for any purpose whatsoever but without the knowledge of the language it would be like locked into an island with no human contact.


Hungary has a strong historical and political background that can be enthralling for people having wanderlust in their soul. To fulfill this desire of wanderlust, you need to take a little leap further and that is to learn to speak Hungarian language. So you can enjoy all the tourist attraction, getting help from the locals and by interacting with them.

Art and architecture

One might wonder why learn to speak Hungarian language if you only are going there for a tourist trip and then you may never go to this country. The reason behind it is that  when one go to a certain trip in some country, it is not only about looking at is arts or architecture, theatres, cinema houses, rambled forts or decaying buildings of past; it is a lot about learning all these things from people’s mouth. The people who are living in that place know more about the history of that place than the guide who just has crammed few facts and narrates you as a job. So find a passerby and delve into a special conversation and unveil the history of the art and architecture monuments.

Trade relations

To establish trade and business relations one must learn to speak Hungarian language first. One wants to be conned in business activities. So if you do not have the knowledge of the language of a country where you are conducting your trade activities then you are always at a risk to be deceived. Having right knowledge of the language will save you and your supplier,  buyer a lot of trouble. Not only that you can be cheated by your supplier or buyer; you can also be creating trouble for yourself. Not knowing the language can create language barrier, misunderstanding and misinterpretations of the trade terms. This in return can harm trade relations.

Study in Hungary

Now if you want to study in some prestigious Hungarian universities, then you need to learn to speak Hungarian language first. Only this way you will be able to understand what your instructor is saying. During group study you will need class mates to discuss the lesson, make assignments, projects and to do all this you will need help of the class mates.


If you want to immigrate to Hungarian then you will need to learn to speak Hungarian language first. If you do not know the language it will be like thrown into confusion. You will not understand a single word they utter and vice versa. To live there, prosper there, make friends there and last but not the least make a living there you will need to learn to speak the Hungarian language.

Want to write a thesis

Hungary has a rich culture. A large number of diversity in population resides there. There are Germans, Greeks, Serbian, Austrians and Russians people who have lived there and survived there with their unique identities. So this might be an area of interest for the researchers of anthropology. However before you embark upon any such thing it would be better to have a little knowledge about the language. So first you can learn to speak Hungarian language. This will help you a lot in understanding things from their perspective.

For the love of the language

Now you can learn to speak Hungarian language simply for the love of it. Hungary has been marred by political social and military invasions. The Turks, Austrian, and Russians played their part one by one. These things have now added to the language of Hungary. This is the reason this language is very different from other European language. So to learn to speak Hungarian language one must keep this fact in mind too. Even though it is located in central Europe its language bears no similarity with European languages.

Language is very logical

One should learn other languages to embellish their personality. Why not go for Hungarian language. Now why you should learn to speak Hungarian language is that it is extremely logical. There is not much nuisance in it. The language has only three tenses. There are no past perfects or future perfects that make things more complicated for foreign language learners.

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