Five Mistakes To Avoid When Using A Mobile Rock Crusher


Using a mobile rock crusher on-site isn’t a big deal but knowing not what to do and how to avoid some of the mistakes when using on-site is a big deal. A mobile rock crusher is specifically designed to convey or carry rocks and break them into gravel or dust (smaller pieces). This article has been put together to explain in detail some mistakes to avoid when using a mobile rock crusher.

Don’t abuse the mobile crusher

When the purpose of a thing is not properly known, abuse is inevitable”. A mobile rock crusher is a machine designed to carry rocks and reduce or crush rocks into gravel or dust. Any usage of the mobile rock crusher outside its design or purpose is said to be an abuse of it. Mobile rock crushers are meant to carry rocks and also crush them into smaller pieces; it’s not designed to carry sand or any other things, not rock. Knowing this helps avoid some of the wrongly used accidents that might attract while in use.

Getting Necessary Training

Using a mobile rock crusher may be a straightforward task, but you need the training. If you’re not going to be handling the machine yourself, you need this training, as well as your operators. Knowledge is power and key to almost everything in life. When the full knowledge of a thing is not known, to flow and also get things made yielding maximum profits. The operators are to give well-nourished training, teaching them to do’s and don’t while operating the mobile rock crusher. By doing so, whatever ugly incident that may transpire after that will be averted.

Maintenance of the crusher

Most people use equipment without proper maintenance of it. Proper maintenance to every piece of equipment or gadget makes it last longer than its expiring date. Poor maintenance of a mobile rock crusher attracts accidents or unavoidable malfunctioning. A mobile rock crusher should be properly maintained by its operators. Whenever it’s being noticed that the machine is not functioning properly, it should be treated with great concern as any slight malfunctioning might lead to something huge.

Improper use of personal protective equipment

This should also be taught while training the operators before operating on the machine on site. Improper use of protective equipment by the operators can attract accidents or any ugly incident the company might never forget in history. There are several safety/ protective equipment made available, and it must be used correctly by every operator/worker. As much as possible, ensuring wearing safety kits is part of your quality assurance process.

Avoid rushing work to meet deadlines

One other major thing to note is the rushing of work to meet deadlines. The mobile rock crusher should not be rushed or overworked due to the syndrome of rushing to meet deadlines. Before accepting a contract to use a crusher, ensure you accept only a realistic deadline. If you don’t, you have no option but to overwork the machine. Overworking the mobile rock crusher attracts an ugly incident, which may cause low output in production. Most companies who overwork their devices due to the volume of work at hand should never be encouraged but discouraged. Rushing to meet deadlines shouldn’t make operators overwork their machines. Doing that reduces the lifespan of the mobile rock crusher.


You can read this guide to check five mistakes you should avoid when using a mobile rock crusher.


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