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Without a doubt, IPL hair removal equipment is effective. The effectiveness and time it takes to see benefits, however, varies from device to device. Some IPL devices require two to three months to completely block hair follicles, however, the Ulike Air3 achieves the same results in just three to four weeks.

IPL hair removal is a perfectly safe way to remove unwanted hair at home because of technological breakthroughs, skin-friendly features, and tests IPL devices undergo before being sold. So you don’t have to worry about the safety or adverse effects of using an IPL gadget like the Ulike Air3.

Sensitive skin covers intimate areas. IPL hair removal for intimate areas is still safe, though. IPL machines provide comfort settings and strength settings so you may remove hair from the pubic area without experiencing any negative side effects. With the help of Ulike blog you can find most of the details about IPL hair removal and its features.

Benefits of IPL Hair Removal Devices

Easy and Handful Usage

The key advantage of IPL over laser is that you may perform it on your own, in the privacy of your own house, without the need for outside support. IPL equipment is secure and easy to use at home.

Additionally, a lightweight device with an ergonomic design like the Ulike Air3 is simple to grip and operate. Therefore, you truly don’t need help.

Protection to Skin

The objective is to stop IPL from entering into the pigment as it does so into the skin. Therefore, these gadgets have skin tone sensors to make sure the light doesn’t flash until your skin is completely in contact with the device and your skin tone is appropriate for it.

Protection to Eyes

They disagree with the assertion made by numerous vendors that using IPL devices without goggles is absolutely safe. Your eyes will be harmed if you are receiving therapy in a dimly lit room and staring directly at the flashing light.

In addition, many individuals who use IPL devices on their faces or close to their eyes have floaters, blurred vision, or photophobia.

Precautions before Usage of IPL Hair Removal Devices

IPL hair removal devices can be used safely and effectively at home without any help to get rid of unwanted hair. However, there are a number of safety measures that must be followed to guarantee the security and efficiency of IPL equipment.

Matching of Skin Color with Similarity Table

First, by absorbing into the melanin of the hair, the powerful pulse light of IPL devices penetrates into the hair roots. So it follows that for IPL to function, hair must have melanin to make it dark enough. Therefore, before using an IPL device, compare your skin tone to the IPL compatibility table.

Avoid Usage of IPL on Hyper pigmented Skin

Moles, birthmarks, scars, hyper pigmented skin, and tanned skin all have a tendency to absorb more IPL light than normal skin. Therefore, it might harm the skin.

Likewise, you ought not to utilize IPL equipment on persistent skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis since it could make them worse.

Avoid Waxing Before Using IPL Device

The hair absorbs heated light beams from IPL equipment. For IPL hair removal to function, you must have hair that is neither too long nor too short. Therefore, shave your skin just before or one to two days before your hair removal appointment.

Additionally, avoid waxing or epilating the hair between treatment sessions as it could affect the outcomes. In the package of Ulike Air3, there is a little safety razor for shaving your skin.

Final Thoughts

There are detailed guidelines for organizing sessions for treatment on every IPL equipment. For the first three weeks and as necessary after that, Ulike Air3 must be used twice weekly. IPL hair removal devices present outstanding features that are suitable for every user with a certain care. Hope so you would find this article interesting as it is full of informative material.


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