Most Quiet Pool Heat Pumps Recommended


A pool heat pump is an excellent and easiest way to warm the pool water. These pumps are way better than gas and propane heaters in performance and innovation. However, it’s tricky to make the right choice among so many pool heat pumps.

Though the heat pumps are designed for minimum noise production still, not all the products are the same. So, below is a list of the quietest pool heat pump of the Aquark brand, which is among the leading manufacturers of these pumps. If you are looking for a new heat pump, the list will help you find the one!

· Aquark Mr. Silence Heat Pump

Aquark Mr.Silence Pump is a quiet pool heat pump with a cost-effective price tag. It is designed to be installed in your home’s basement or crawl space, and it can provide enough energy to heat up the water in most swimming pools up to 10 feet deep by 30 feet long with an average flow rate of 5 GPP.

This will be your dream heat pump with three different noise operation levels; silence, average, and boost with 36.5-46 dB noise production. The system uses an electronic control board that regulates temperature according to demand, so you don’t have to worry about running out of hot water during busy times at the gym or during the weekend.

· Aquark Mr. Perfect Turbo Heat Pump

Aquark Mr.Perfect is a high-performance pool heat pump designed to be very quiet and efficient. This unit features a compact design, which makes it ideal for smaller pools where space is at a premium and is able to handle temperatures of up to 120°F.

This pump delivers powerful heating for your swimming pool with ten times (38.4 Db) more silence than other normal invertors on your budget.

· Aquark Mr.Smart Heat Pump

This smart pool heat pump has been designed to provide you with the best possible result in terms of both cost and efficiency. It’s a solid performer, with some excellent features that make it stand out from its competitors.

This model comes with an LCD display screen and Bluetooth, so you can keep track of everything going on inside your system: from energy consumption to temperature control. At the same time, the maximum noise level is 44 dB which is less than moderate rainfall.

· Aquark Mr.Eco Heat Pump heat pump is highly efficient, with a rating of 4 stars on Amazon. It has been rated as one of the quietest pumps on the market with a noise production of 46 Db and also contains a programmable timer so you can set it to turn on when you want it to and off when you don’t need heat anymore. And the system will save 45% of your energy consumption, that is >5000kW per year.

· Aquark Inver Silence Heat Pump

This is a quiet pool heat pump that is ideal for residential pools. It is a high-performance and energy-efficient heat pump that is suitable for all types of pools, including tile, concrete, or fiberglass.

These pumps are 20 times more silent than traditional heaters, with a maximum noise production of 41dB, making them ideal for small spaces and pools.


It’s important to note that not all quiet pool heat pumps are created equal. Some of them will register as very loud when tested during normal operations, while others can be downright silent. The best way for you to determine which type of machine is right for your needs is by contacting a company like Aquark directly. Hopefully, our list will help you make the right decision.


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