Top Reasons Explaining High Prices Of Yeezy



Yeezy is the most popular and stylish shoe trending for a very long time. However, due to their high prices, most people don’t even bat an eye at a highly-priced Yeezy pair. You may also meet people who really love sneakers but they will also be avoiding such a costly pair of shoes having a price of almost $300. All these things take you to the point where you want to know the reasons behind the high prices of Yeezy. After a lot of research, some most common reasons contributing to the high prices of yeezy 350 v1¬†are listed below.

Limited Edition Of Yeezy

The first and most important reason behind the high prices of Yeezy is its designer. Kanye West is the designer of Yeezy hence he is the first one who came up with a creative idea for the Yeezy line. West didn’t want to produce such an expensive pair of shoes, rather he was planning to create a pair for the average person. He wanted to make a cost-effective solution so that people spend once on a high-quality shoe rather than buying low-quality shoes every second month. Even though the price of Yeezy is almost half of some other famous shoe brands, still it is not affordable for an average person.

People Carrying Different Opinions About Yeezy

Yeezy is expensive due to people carrying different opinions about them. For some people, quality matters more than money. Therefore, they are always ready to spend money on such high-quality shoes. These people give motivation to Yeezy manufacturers to produce more and more items. When the Yeezy 750 was released, it was released on a very special occasion and hence gained a lot of popularity within a few days. Increasing its demand in the market also increased its rates hence making it the most expensive sneakers at that time.

Yeezy As Designer Shoes

The most important factor that causes an increase or decrease in the prices of any product is its quantity. When talking about Yeezy, you will come to know that it comes in very limited editions. When creating a comparison of Yeezy’s limited edition models with other brands such as Nike, you will come to know that Yeezy has prices much lower than those. Therefore, there is a huge demand for Yeezy. But as soon as they get out of stock and only a few items are left then the sellers increase their prices to a higher level. Hence, they are then sold at very expensive prices.


Kanye West has made a remarkable success with his brand Yeezy but due to higher prices, most people don’t prefer to buy these. However, when creating a comparison of Yeezy with so many other brands, you will come to know that they aren’t really expensive. Rather, Yeezy has high quality and affordable prices as compared to other expensive brands. Moreover, when you attach the name of Kanye West and Adidas, these factors combined make Yeezy an expensive brand to buy.


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