What are self-storage roll-up door springs?


This page will help you too if your garage door has torsion springs. The right choice of springs for your garage door or self storage door is necessary. As extension springs can be really dangerous for garage doors. Although there are many janus roll up door parts, springs are the most important part of a self storage roll up door. You should probably think of purchasing the spring in larger quantities if you have planned for self storage. This will help you in saving both money and time.

Introduction to roll up door torsion springs

Their working method is the same as that of steel door springs. The curtain that is on the self storage door wraps around itself as soon as the door start opening same as the steel rolling door. For knowing difference the major difference is that the self storage doors are only a piece of steel, and the steel roll up doors are made up of slats(interlocking). Self storage doors are only used for storage service facilities. While steel roll up doors is used in heavier industries and for commercial use. Depending upon the size they can use one or two torsion springs. Some self storage doors smaller in size require one spring generally torsion. Larger self storage facilities require two springs as the doors for larger facilities are generally big in size. Torsion spring shows one or more turns upon opening the door. The surplus tension helps in keeping the door open and stops the curtain as drums unrolling off can occur if you don’t restrict the curtain. If you start closing the door the torsion spring will start winding up more and more. The extra force helps the spring in lifting extra weight. This weight can come from that portion of the curtain having the drums.

If the self storage door is closed, the spring will have more turns than other points. It will be the maximum turns stage for the torsion spring.

What spring should you get?

You have to order the proper torsion springs to avoid any inconvenience with your self storage. It is extremely necessary as incorrect selection of torsion spring size can make low to high disasters. You have to take measurements from different angles. If you will not do that, your door of self storage will not work well then.

Measurement of old torsion spring

Measuring your torsion spring is necessary to avoid any damage. You have to measure the old torsion spring for buying or ordering a new one. Below is the information that will help you in measuring your torsion spring.

There are three measurements that you have to note.  First, you have to measure the length of the spring from one side or one end to the opposite side. It can be between 8-15 inches. The second thing is the inside diameter which will tell us the length by measuring the coil count. This coil count is the measurement of coils in the spring which can tell you the size of the wire. For checking a spring gap you can use any card or paper and try to pass through the coils of springs. If a card or paper passes through the spring in an unstretched condition. For taking measurements in this condition make sure first that the spring is fully compressed.


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